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UniFi L2TP: set a static IP for a specific user (built-in Radius Server)

When using my L2TP VPN with the Unifi I realised that it was assigning a different IP Address to my client when it connected sometimes.

This wouldn’t normally be a problem if the remote client was only taking to my internal network, however I run a server that my internal network communicates out to via IP Address, so if this changes it all stops working.

This article walks through how to setup a static IP Address for an L2TP Client.

CentOS 6/7 IPSec/L2TP VPN client to UniFi USG L2TP Server

Working with CentOS quite a lot I have spent time looking for configurations that work for various issues, one I have seen recently that took me a long time to resolve and had very poor documentation around the net was setting up an L2TP VPN.

In Windows or iOS its a nice simple setup where you enter all the required details and it sorts out the IPsec and L2TP VPN for you, In CentOS this is much different.