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VMware ESXi Embedded Host Client Installation – Updated

In this article I will be showing you guys the new ESXi Embedded Host Client, this has been long awaited by many users of the Free ESXi host and allows much better management of the host.

Check out the latest version in this video:


The easiest way to install a VIB is to download it directly on the ESXi host.

If your ESXi host has internet access, follow these steps:
1. Enable SSH on your ESXi host, using DCUI or the vSphere web client.
2. Connect to the host using an SSH Client such as putty
3. Run the below command:

esxcli software vib install -v

If the VIB installation completes successfully, you should now be able to navigate a web browser to https:///ui and the login page should be displayed.


As you can see from the above login screenshot, the page is the same one used for vCenter Server, On logging in you will also see the menu structures also follow this look and feel.

From the interface you are able to do most of the features seen in the old VI Client. It is very responsive (compared to the vCenter versions) and seems to work well.

One feature that is a little frustrating is the inability to edit settings of a powered on virtual machine. So you would either need to use command, the old VI Client or Power Off the VM.

A few things that are still “under construction” are:
Host Management

      Power Management
      Resource Reservation
      Host -> Manage -> Virtual Machines View

      Virtual Machine

          Log Browser


          Monitor Tasks


      To remove the ESXi embedded host client from your ESXi host, you will need to use esxcli and have root privileges on the host.
      1. Connect to the host using and SSH Client such as putty
      2. Log into the host and run the following command:

      esxcli software vib remove -n esx-ui

      Any comments / tips / tricks are always appreciated.

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  1. Great article. Just curious how you found the link to the vib??

  2. David David

    After going through your steps, I got this error:
    (503 Service Unavailable) when I tried the https://x.x.x.x/ui.
    Can you please help.

  3. works great, instant. and default usage of the VCSA CA enrolled certificate, nice!

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