Understanding Resource Pools in VMware

It is my experience that resource pools are nearly a four letter word in the virtualization world. Typically I see a look of fear or confusion when I bring up the topic, or I see people using them as folders. Even with some other great resources out there that discuss this topic, a lack of education remains on how resource pools work, and what they do. In this post, I’ll give you my spin on some of the ideals behind a resource pool, and then discuss ways to properly balance resource pools by hand and with the help of some PowerShell scripts I have created for you.
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Email Report Virtual Machine’s with Snapshots

I have recently had an issue with people leaving snapshots on VM’s for too long causing large snapshots and poor performance on Virtual Machines.

I decided that I needed a way of reporting on which virtual machines had snapshots present, when they were created and how big they are.
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