Add vCenter Logs to Syslog Server (GrayLog2)

In this article I will be showing you how to add vCenter logs to a syslog server, I currently use GrayLog2 as its a great free syslog server and does everything that I require.
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Graylog2 Cisco ASA / Cisco Catalyst

In order to correctly log Cisco device in Graylog2 setup the below configuration.
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Graylog2 CentOS Installation

I recently required a syslog server that was easy to use with a web interface to monitor some customers firewalls. I had been looking at Splunk but due to the price of this product it was not a viable option for what I required.

After a little searching I came across Graylog2 which is an open source alternative to Splunk and is totally free! You only need to pay if you would like support from them.
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