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UniFi L2TP: set a static IP for a specific user (built-in Radius Server)

When using my L2TP VPN with the Unifi I realised that it was assigning a different IP Address to my client when it connected sometimes.

This wouldn’t normally be a problem if the remote client was only taking to my internal network, however I run a server that my internal network communicates out to via IP Address, so if this changes it all stops working.

This article walks through how to setup a static IP Address for an L2TP Client.

Upgrade your Linux UniFi Controller in minutes!

Ubiquiti’s provide a Controller version for other distributions of linux but only display debian on their site, but if you’re running CentOS or another Linux distribution, you’ll have to use the generic controller package. The upgrade provess is so simple! (i have also written this script that makes it even quicker)

I previously explained how to install your own UniFi Controller on CentOS in this article. Once you have it up and running, it’s even easier to upgrade to a newer version. The process takes less than 3 minutes with these steps.