At SpottedHyena we recognise the impact we have on our environment and are committed to continuous improvement to enable us and our clients to reduce our carbon footprint and comply with all environmental legislation, codes of practice and regulatory controls. As a company we use the latest technology to ensure that our carbon footprint is as small as possible. The technology solutions that we offer to our customers are also designed to help them to become more environmentally friendly.


Our recycling policy is implemented on a day to day basis throughout SpottedHyena. We have facilities, and encourage staff, to recycle paper, plastic water cups, cardboard boxes and empty printer cartridges. We are also vigilant to ensure that no power is wasted with  lights being used when not needed.

Helping our Customers

One solution that we offer commercially is Virtualisation. Virtualisation is a process that dramatically reduces the number of servers used by an organisation, thus decreasing the amount of power needed to run and cool them. We have therefore been able to reduce our own power usage and carbon footprint and assist our customers to do likewise.

Virtualisation is the cutting edge of new technology. Our Technical Directors are constantly researching new products that can add to their positive environmental impact. This provides innovative savings for our customers.