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Deploy .exe using batch check os version and if the update is already installed.

OK so I had an issue that Microsoft released an update for Windows XP that I needed to install but they didn’t do an MSI so I couldn’t deploy is using GPO which was a real pain.

Instead I created a script that would check the OS Version and see if the update was already installed.

  1. First we hide the script from users:
  2. Then we check they are running the correct OS (for windows 7 “Version 6.1”)
  3. Check to see if the update is installed (chance the reg location depending on the install)
  4. Then if it is the correct OS and the update isn’t installed run the exe
  5. End (this is added so that the script will stop if the criteria are not met before the update is installed stopping errors.
  6. you can then add this to a group policy to allow it to be deployed



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