vCenter 6.0 VCSA Deployment

This article covers the deployment on the vCenter 6.0 VCSA, you will see that this process is radically different from previous processes.

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NUMA and vNUMA made simple!

What is NUMA?

Most modern CPU’s, Intel new Nehalem’s and AMD’s veteran Opteron are NUMA architectures. NUMA stands for Non-Uniform Memory Access. Each CPU get assigned its own “local” memory, CPU and memory together form a NUMA node (as shown in the diagram below).

Memory access time can differ due to the memory location relative to a processor, because a CPU can access it own memory faster than remote memory thus creating higher latency if remote memory is required.

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Offline Upgrade ESXi 5.5 to 6.0

This is a very short and sweet article documenting the offline upgrade process from 5.5 to 6.0
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VMware Distributed Switches (dvSwitch)

In this article I am going to take you through what a Distributed switch or dvSwitch is and how it is used, I will also talk about why backing them up is so important, then show you how to backup by hand and with the help of some PowerShell scripts I have created for you.
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Understanding Resource Pools in VMware

It is my experience that resource pools are nearly a four letter word in the virtualization world. Typically I see a look of fear or confusion when I bring up the topic, or I see people using them as folders. Even with some other great resources out there that discuss this topic, a lack of education remains on how resource pools work, and what they do. In this post, I’ll give you my spin on some of the ideals behind a resource pool, and then discuss ways to properly balance resource pools by hand and with the help of some PowerShell scripts I have created for you.
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vCloud Director and vCenter Proxy Service Failure

Over the past couple of weeks I have spent some time working with VMware vCloud Director 5.1. I will also be producing multiple other guides for vCloud Director as I use it more over the coming months.

One issue that we have hit a few times was the vCD cell stopped working properly (Multi-cell environment). I could log into the vCD provider and organization portals but the deployment of vApps would run for an abnormally long time and then fail after 20 minutes.
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How to view which Virtual Machines have Snapshots in VMware

This is a question that I have been asked quite a lot recently. I have found multiple ways to do this but 2 are ones that I have used and find the most suitable.
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