Snapshot changes in vSphere 6.0

This is something that I was unaware of until recently when I was looking into the usage of V-Vols. It appears that VMware have made some major improvements to the ways we handle snapshots and consolidate them in vSphere 6.0 with VVols. Most people who use VMware are aware of limitations with snapshots on VMs that have heavy IO or large snapshots attached to them. In a large number of cases we see snapshots fail to remove and then require hours of downtime to actually consolidate.

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vCloud Director 8.0 for Service Providers

As most of you will now be aware VMware decided to end availability for vCloud Director and shift to only allow service providers to utilise the product.
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Failed to connect to VMware Lookup Service, SSL certificate verification failed

Recently I have been playing in my lab with VCSA and vCNS, I found that when I tried to connect to the vCenter I received this error:

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How to check if a VM disk is Thick or Thin provisioned

There are multiple ways to tell if a virtual machine has thick or thin provisioned VM Disk. Below are some of the ways I am able to see this information:
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Bulk configure vCenter Alarms with PowerCLI

I was recently asked if it was possible to update vCenter alarms in bulk with email details. So i set about writing the below script, basically this script will go through looking for any alarms that match the name you specify and set the email as required.
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VMware ESXi Embedded Host Client Installation – Updated

In this article I will be showing you guys the new ESXi Embedded Host Client, this has been long awaited by many users of the Free ESXi host and allows much better management of the host.
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VMware Transparent Page Sharing TPS

What is TPS?

Transparent Page Sharing (TPS) is a host process that leverage’s Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM) component of the VMkernel to scan physical host memory to identify duplicate VM memory pages. The benefits of TPS are that it allows a host to reduce memory usage so you can allow more VMs onto a host, as memory is often one of the most constrained resources on a host. TPS is basically de-duplication for RAM and works at the 4KB block level.
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VMware Large Snapshot Safe Removal

One of the great virtualization and VMware features is the ability to take snapshots of a virtual machine. The snapshot feature allows an IT administrator to make a restore point of a virtual machine, with the option to make it crash consistent. This feature is particularly useful when performing upgrades or testing, as if anything goes wrong during the process, you can quickly go back to a stable point in time (when the snapshot was taken).
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Dell VMware 5.5 FCoE Errors

Recently I have seen an issue after upgrading some of our Dell R6xx hosts to 5.5 U2, they started showing FCoE in the storage adapters and booting took a really long time.

I looked into this and found that the latest Dell ESXi image also includes Drivers and scripts that enable the FCoE interfaces on cards that support it.

To see if you have this problem check the below steps:
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Add vCenter Logs to Syslog Server (GrayLog2)

In this article I will be showing you how to add vCenter logs to a syslog server, I currently use GrayLog2 as its a great free syslog server and does everything that I require.
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