Who Am I?

My name is Steve, I’m a VMware Specialist. I currently live in Leeds, UK, where I work at Adapt Services Ltd as a Technical Lead.

The main technologies that I enjoy working with are VMware, AWS, Linux, PHP Website development and many more…

I am a volunteer Special Constable, and have an amazing family that support me through all my endeavours! I have also been gaiming and hosting a teamspeak server for a group of like minded people at [DMG] Divergence Gaming

Recently I decided to start doing YouTube videos under my counterpart 8-Bit Panda My plan is to expand this channel with technical information about products that I am using, reviews of products and possibly some gaming if I ever get round to it!

My Career

I have been working within the IT industry since leaving school at 17 in 2004, first starting work experience for the local primary school my mum worked at, this was a small network with only a few classrooms, very easy to manage and assist with maintaining, the main challenge came in 2005 when I took a huge jump from small computer systems to an enterprise environment working for Kodak as an IT Administrator, looking after one of their main UK Data Centres and server farms. This was a great eye opener for me, coming from school I thought I knew a lot about computers but how wrong could I have been! I spent 2 years working for Kodak and learnt a lot of new skills along the way, mainly around the workings of an enterprise computer deployment.

In 2007 I decided it was time for a new challenge, I had learnt as much as I could at Kodak and was grateful of all the assistance they gave me over the years. I moved to a small IT Reseller in Leeds that were trying to break out into the IT Support industry, as the first Technical consultant I had quite a good start, with the ability to choose how things were done and the best way forwards in the sector meant that I was helping pave the way for the company in this sector. Here I probably learnt the most stuff that catapulted my career, after 5 years at the company, being the most senior technician and some bad experiences it was time for me to part ways, I decided that being on the road for long journeys around the country and long hours for not much money wasn’t for me and with no rewards in sight I moved.

When I reached 2010 along with working at the IT Reseller I was considering joining the local police force so began my volunteer career as a Special Constable, I am still to this day volunteering helping people in the local area when, as you are all aware, budget cuts are affecting us all and our emergency services! I am part of a close nit team of Operational Support Special Constables consisting of around 30 Specials that are specially trained to deal with violent situations mainly severe public order.

I left the IT Reseller and moved to a small company called Sleek Networks Ltd in 2013, I started as a Hosting Engineer, basically a 1st line engineer but way more technical than anything I had done in the past! It was a total wake-up-call that I had it too easy at my previous position and was in a stagnant position. Sleek was shortly bought out by Adapt Services Ltd (quite a worrying few months ensued wondering what would happen to my job!) where I was quickly promoted to Senior Hosting engineer (2nd line support) after around one year as a senior hosting engineer I took on more responsibility and slowly climbed up to Technical Lead.

As a Technical Lead it is my responsibility to manage our biggest customers accounts from a technical perspective, providing them with recommendations, reporting, a first point of contact to assist with any high priority issues they are having amongst many other things I also provide a highly technical presence should the customer need advice on other projects.

Although there were times when I was worried about my job security when I first started at Adapt I can safely say I have never worked for such a good company! My knowledge in IT has sky rocketed since joining here and now i’m sharing parts of that knowledge with you guys through my blog!